Top Campervan Adventures Near Sydney

For many motorhome hire travelers exploring Australia, the stunning city of Sydney is used as a base of operations. This tactic is smart for a number of reasons, and you should definitely look into it for your trip. Not only is Sydney one of the most lively and exciting cities in the world but it also boasts a terrific location that puts travelers within striking distance of many of the top areas to check out in the country. You really just won’t find a better base than Sydney to travel from, so keep these areas in mind when you’re in town and consider using the city as your basecamp on your trip.

Royal National Park

Known as one of the most stunning parks in Australia, Royal is just a short drive from Sydney and is highly recommended. The hiking here is some of the finest you will find anywhere in the world, with a multitude of trails offering the opportunity to check out a wide range of terrains. The park is legendary for its crystal clear swimming holes that offer hikers a refreshing swim to cool off during their journey. If rock climbing is your thing, then you will find some legendary opportunities here as well. Offering unforgettable natural beauty and an abundance of outdoor activities, Royal is an absolute must for those traveling in the Sydney region.

The Blue Mountains

Just two hours from the heart of Sydney, the Blue Mountains will be one of the most breathtaking visions you will ever witness. The Three Sisters Peaks are completely stunning to witness and even better to hike, so take advantage of one of the dozens of trails offering the opportunity to see them up close. Another thing to check out here is the Jenolan Caves which will give you a peak into the subterranean world that exists under the surface. For those who aren’t experienced cavers you can take one of the guided tours. Whatever the case, this is an incredible experience that is highly recommended for travelers in the region.

Ku-ring-gai National Park

Speaking of National Parks, if you’re interested in checking out one of the top parks for scenic views in the country then stop through Ku-Ring which is famous for its water overlooks that will take your breath away to witness. There are an incredible amount of hiking trails here as well where you can walk while viewing some of the most stunning scenes you will ever witness from a trail. It’s amazing to think that all this natural wonder and beauty is located just a short drive in your motorhome hire from Sydney, but it certainly is and you can experience it for yourself when you’re in the area.

Kangaroo Island

Just like its name suggests, Kangaroo Island boasts access to one of Australia’s top known creatures. This island is overflowing with Kangaroos and you can walk amongst them one of the many trails on the island. If you’ve never seen this animal up close and personal, then it is highly recommended that you take the opportunity when you’re in the region. But Kangaroos aren’t the only thing you will find on the island. You will also see the famous sea seals that come and bask on the rocks in the sunshine. This is not to mention the stunning views that can be seen all over the island, making this one of the top places to visit in Australia. Fortunately for you, you will be at close range when you’re in the Sydney area.

Margaret River Caves

Due to its geological makeup, Australia has some of the most stunning accessible caves to be found anywhere in the world. The Margaret River Caves are a stunning underground world with incredible rock formations that seem as if they belong to another planet altogether. You don’t have to be an experienced caver to see them for yourself since there are many walking tours available that will put the wonders of this subterranean world right at your fingertips. Make sure to bring your camera since chances are you will never see sights like this again. Featuring mirror pools, colorful rock patterns, and an alluring, peaceful ambiance, the Margaret River Caves are one of the Sydney region’s top attractions.

Although Sydney is known as an urban centre, you will be amazed at the natural beauty within close range from the heart of downtown. When you use Sydney as your base for your trip you can experience all the conveniences of the city while enjoying forays into the surrounding region to check out the natural wonders within close range. This mix of urban excitement and nature makes Sydney the absolute perfect place for any motorhome hire traveler to enjoy the full extent of what Australia has to offer.

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