The Top Summer holiday Destinations

If you want to escape from the winter weather and head somewhere warmer, then you don’t have to worry because there are plenty of destinations that you can go to and have lots of fun. Without much ado, let’s see some of the best summer holiday destinations as listed by Opodo.

  1. The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is one of the countries with the best climate. This makes it a top holiday destination for most tourists. This island makes you let go everything and just feel the sun on your skin and dip your toes in the sea. And you can have a lovely Spanish meal with your family in the evening.

  1. Cuba

Cuba is also among the countries that enjoy a warm and subtropical climate. It is a great summer holiday destination throughout the year. Cuba receives plenty of sunshine with the islands getting eight hours of sunlight a day and 300 sunny days per year. Cuba experiences two major seasons, the dry and the wet season. The dry season is between November to April while the wet season is from May to October.

  1. Thailand

Thailand also boasts of excellent weather throughout the year. It has three major seasons which are all perfect for traveling. Most tourist visit this country during dry season. The temperature cannot exceed 90 degrees. You can sunbathe at the beaches along Thai’s coastline.

During monsoon season, tourists from all over the world visit Thailand to enjoy the weather. It is worth noting that even though each season has its pros and cons, Thailand still remains warm throughout the year.

  1. Australia

Australia weather is bright and friendly, and this makes it attract a massive number of tourists. The sunny outlook makes it ideal for a summer holiday. The average temperature in Sydney is around 26 degrees during summer. In Perth, the temperature can rise to 30 degrees. If you plan your vacation right, you can enjoy an endless sun throughout the year.

  1. Dubai

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. It is known for modern architecture, excellent nightlife scene, and luxury shopping. Dubai is sunny throughout the year. This makes it perfect for sun and sand vacation.

You can enjoy a warm sun at the in one of the many beaches along the Jumeirah stretch. There are some beaches that entry is absolutely free while there are others that you pay a certain fee. These beaches are clean and are checked by experienced lifeguards.

  1. Mexico

In Mexico, the weather is perfect almost throughout the year. The weather is between 24 and 28 degrees year round. This makes it ideal to go out hiking or explore the ancient Mayan ruins. The perfect weather in Mexico can make you do several outdoor activities.

  1. The French Antilles

The French Antilles [also known as French West Indies] refers to the seven territories that are currently under French sovereignty in the Antilles islands of the Caribbean. In French Antilles, the temperature is daily, and the sky is clear. Instead of shivering in the cold back home, you can book for a flight at Opodo, grab your passport and head to French Antilles and soak yourself in the sun while sipping Ti’Punch- a signature cocktail of the French Caribbean.

  1. The Maldives

The Maldives is a country in South Asia. The temperatures in this country remain between 25 and 30C throughout the year. This makes the islands an excellent destination for summer holidays. April is the hottest month. If you want to avoid rainy season, you should travel between December and April.

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