Best Breweries in Texas

Texas is known for its amazing destinations, terrific food and of course, its beer. The Lone Star State has a number of great breweries scattered around its cities as well as in small towns. Here, craft beer is king. If you came here as a tourist, you simply can’t miss its growing craft breweries. Here is a guide to help you find the best breweries in Texas.

What Makes Texas Breweries Better?

Texans love to have fun and to unwind after a long day’s work. This is the main reason why beer is a staple of every get-together, every party and while watching TV. And you bet beer here is something you will remember because flavors are crisp and tasty. Truly something to look forward to when you visit Texas this year!

The Best Breweries To Check Out In Texas

Be sure to include the following five top craft breweries when you tour Texas soon

  1. Jester King Brewery in Austin, TX

If you love Belgian brews then Jester King Brewery in Austin is your stop. You just got to taste their Atrial Rubicite and the Das Wunderkind, two of the most in-demand flavors. This brewery has all kinds of events all year long including beer tasting events that are usually held during spring and summer times. The Jester King is open to the public from Fridays to Sundays only.

  1. Karbach Brewing Co. in Houston, TX

You will find a wide variety of craft beers in Karbach. It is also popular for its special events and contests such as disc golf, darts, and music performances and of course their top picks. Where in Texas can you find the Weekend Warrior, Rodeo Clown, and the Hellfighter Imperial Porter? Tours are available for only $9 and you’ll get four beer samples and a branded nine-ounce beer glass.

  1. Lakewood Brewing Company in Garland, TX

Now, this Texas brewery in Garland is a mixture of American and European cultures. Lakewood Brewing Company is a small brewery was founded by Belgium-native Wim Bens. Aside from the delicious brews, this brewery is popular for its artsy décor, spacious garden and a stage where people can perform. Tours are available to check out their taproom weekdays and weekends so be sure to sign up fast.

  1. Rahr & Sons Brewing in Fort Worth, TX

This is a family owned brewery in Fort Worth where product quality and family matters. At Rahr & Sons, you won’t get stuck with just a few varieties. They have a large collection of brews, each with unique flavors, available all year round. The tour of their brewery is so satisfying because you’ll come home with a pint glass and samples of their popular brews.

  1. Peticolas Brewing Company in Dallas, TX

The Peticolas Brewing Company is a multi-awarded brewery in Dallas. It has an amazing selection of craft beers that won’t disappoint. You can take a tour of this brewery are available for only $10. You’ll come home with a branded glass plus three samples of Peticolas’ favorite brews.

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The Best Breweries In Texas Are Waiting!

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